Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thirty Dollar Bill

This is a post I've been intending to publish for a very long while now and have been quite reluctant to do so. Sadly, personal life has pressed me heavily for an extensive period of time and I've been basically forced to fend as best I can. I'll keep the write-up brief and I'll try to be direct.

As some of you might know, either from knowing me in person or from following my tumblr, I've been trying to make something happen with my writing for ages. Like all other artists or writers, it has been really tough making ends meet, especially without having a job or steady income. I've been jobless for almost two years now, not because I'm not looking for one but because I can't get one. Many factors are involved, obviously both personal and economical, but I presume that those reasons aren't really for public eyes.
So the reason why this post is being written is that I am desperate and hoping that this blog and its dear readers can help me, in essence, to survive. I've always despised the usage of advertisements and similar banners on blogs, so I will definitely keep my own page clean of such pestilence. Thus, I have decided to add a donate button instead. Maybe a few dollars or euros might not mean much to some of my readers, but right now to me it would mean the world.
Now I know that many will meet this move with a frown on their face, but hopefully people will realize that I am doing this out of pure necessity and not greed. I love this blog and the only thing I can do now is try to rely on it a little. I've been through a lot with this project and not everything has been pleasant. Still, after all the good things and even those bad, I keep pouring my heart and soul into this and it is my only hope that it can somehow make me go forward through these particular harsh times.
Soon enough, namely in a day or two, I will publish a longish post concerning updates which will happen here, as well as info on some future writing projects of mine, as a way to reach out to all of you and to make your stay here more comfortable. Thank you for all the attention and all the support you have showed me thus far. 

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