Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Gig announcement: Brotherhood of Sleep, In From The Cold, Loud

Here comes a gig which I am really happy to announce, although it arrives on very short notice. It is supposed to take place in two days time, namely on 31 August 2012, in the "Klub Fest" venue.

This fine evening of weird voyage through various mind dimensions and consciousnesses will be opened by the "Loud" sound, no pun intended. This young Serbian band started in April 2010 and is ready to move the crowd with its stoner infused blues rock. Another local support will come in the form of a band called "In From The Cold". A more veteran project that has shared stages with some very interesting bands and has also been featured on several European compilations, aside of their own releases. Be prepared to be stomped by their massive sound made out of stoner, doom and sludge. The stars of the night will be coming from Greece, "Brotherhood of Sleep", this being the ending of their second European tour. Promoting their album "Dark As Light", they will bring a devastating combination of doom and stoner. They have two dates in Serbia, so you better grab one!
Entrance to the sludge oozing swamp will be three euros. The gates shall be open at 22:00 hours. Better get prepared and ready, you'll be stoned and doomed!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Festival report: Fluff Fest 2012, day three

I took a little break from writing these days, since I had to take my time to address some other writing, and otherwise, projects I have going on or hope to have in the near future. Additionally, yesterday was the date of my birth, so I just gave my brain a rest from everything. There is still a ton of writing to be done for the blog, so I have to keep my game up and you can definitely expect this page to run in the same pace as it has been doing this entire month.

A day like any other, filled with a long list of bands, though I managed to see only a handful of names for various reasons. As a result, this review will definitely be shorter than usual or at least I will try to keep it as such. Here is the list of bands for the third and final day of "Fluff Fest" 2012:
Main Stage:
2:05 PM: Brat Pack
2:45 PM: The Tidal Sleep
3:30 PM: Ritual
4:15 PM: Landscapes
5:05 PM: Soul Control
6:00 PM: Pianos Become The Teeth
7:00 PM: Tangled Lines
8:00 PM: Trapped Under Ice
9:00 PM: Verse

Tent Stage:
2:35 PM: Boiling Point
3:20 PM: Sin Of Lilith
4:05 PM: Landverraad
4:55 PM: Sen Deni
5:45 PM: Mobius
6:45 PM: Tupak Amaru
7:45 PM: Sloth
8:50 PM: AYS
10:00 PM: Unveil

"Brat Pack" was the first band to kick it off that day and what a marvelous choice it was. I presume that everyone knows about this Dutch hardcore/punk outfit, so there really isn't any need for any special introductions. It really was just the perfect band to start the day, making the crowd's tiredness run for cover. If I remember well, this band has played previously in Serbia, maybe even more than once though I am not sure, and on "Fluff Fest" I realize what a mistake it was to miss their show in my country. The band is extremely energetic and enjoyable with their awesome melodies and a specific attitude radiating from the stage. Their songs definitely have a certain special something that makes you want to move around and dance even if you would happen to hear their songs for the very first time. Add to that the fact that there were no real breaks and the band just came and played their way through a really speedy setlist, and you end up having a superbly charged performance. Excellent band, really glad I finally got to see them live. 
"The Tidal Sleep" came next and I have to say that I was very excited about hearing them live, since on "New Noise" I heard them from a distance and they seemed rather appealing. The German quartet took the stage and presented their interesting combination of post metal/hardcore and screamo to the audience. If you haven't listened to them before, like I haven't, this can be a hard bite to swallow. The heavy riffs, eerie transitions and depressive atmospherics are excellent, but on first listen you realize that the vocals really stand out from the instrumental section. Maybe it was just my impression, but I have a feeling the singer has a too clear voice for this type of thing. It took me a song or two to realize that this, in fact, is a really appealing trait of the band. The weird mix of highly contrasted sounds is rather cool and I ended up liking the band a lot. Bet you didn't expect that sharp turn, what a twist! Either way, it did take me some time to get into them live, but it was definitely worth it. 
Now comes the time for a really neat surprise hailing from the Czech Republic. "The Sin Of Lilith" is a quintet playing that nice amalgam of emo and screamo and not knowing anything about the band prior to the performance made everything that much enjoyable. The band created some truly appealing sounds and melodies, at times reminding me of bands like "Optimus Prime" and "La Quiete" although much more tender. At several instances they make good use of that "building up" moment in songs, going from slow and gentle to becoming quite chaotic and choking. The vocals also range from plain talking to top-of-your-lungs screaming, which additionally contributes to variety in a specific song. Also, the band was visually very interesting with lots of movement and I think the singer is the only one on "Fluff Fest" who decided to walk around amid the crowd and perform his band duties. Overall, a very entertaining band with a lot of potential, so be sure to check them out.
"Pianos Become The Teeth" was the next band I managed to grab. To be honest, if it was 2010 I would have been thrilled about seeing them, since back then I was loving their "Old Pride" album and I'd go berserk if I got to attend their show. After those recordings I kinda feel apart from the project and all their other material passed by me unnoticed, so now I went to the gig just because. Needless to say, the band managed to resurrect a big portion of that love I had for them and I'm really happy they did. They sounded exceedingly powerful in concert with impacting melodies and vocals which really stand out and leave you impressed. Although I didn't hear their newer material and I wasn't able to recognize songs, the performance was very entertaining and it definitely keeps your senses busy and focused. I managed to see them on "Ieperfest" as well, though I have to say that they had a much more massive sound of "Fluff Fest". More about that is yet to come, but until then I just have to say that their show was fun and I'm glad I saw them live. 
Now we come to the closing act of the main stage and it is a really tough nut to crack. "Verse", USA modern hardcore which achieved a sort of cult status with its recognizable sound and scores of video footage of their insane shows. Personally, I never gave them much attention so hearing them live and experiencing the flamed up atmosphere was a really interesting thing. The crowd really did go crazy almost instantly and you could see scores of movement on stage and in front of it. Backed with a really clear, yet powerful sound, the performance seemed like it will be a really amazing one. There is a huge "but" looming on the horizon of this review. All would be fine and well if it weren't for the singer and his need to take time and talk between songs. Don't get me wrong, I really love it when a band is doing the best it can to interact with the audience. When it is, of course, done subtly and, most of all, naturally. It started off good when it comes to "Verse", the first speech that is. And I didn't mind the fact that it lasted for a good couple of minutes. But then came another one. And another one. And, I think, another one after that. Aside of actually wasting time that could have been used for playing, since the monologues ate probably a couple of songs, the horrible thing were the very words spoken. Too many sentences defending "Defeater", endlessly promising how "Verse" put their heart and soul into the new record and how they don't have money and don't have jobs, for instance how the singer "fucked off his boss to be able to tour". As a wise person said after the gig, "he is just a good marketing person" and I fully agree. Dude, I don't have a proper job for well over a year now and still I'm able to scrap some money and travel for bands and support them, betting that I'm not the only one in such a situation.  So instead just say once "hey we have a new record, buy it please", don't wrap it in emotional words and most of all just be quiet and play. I'll probably lose readers with this review due to the band's fame, but I was extremely annoyed by their entire performance because of these bad sides I mentioned. If it wasn't for the babbling, this would be a really cool gig.
So there it is, the last festival day ending in not such a glorious fashion. The whole day ended up being crappy because of my uncanny ability to ruin stuff, so maybe that is the reason this review is somewhat bitter. Either way it was a great fest yet again and I will be sure to attend next year as well! See you all there in 2013!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Festival report: Fluff Fest 2012, day two

Ever since the schedule for the second day surfaced on the festival's website, I knew that I would be killed by it. The list of bands was insane and it was definite that I'll have to sacrifice some bands in order to see others. Lots of tough decisions and maneuvering, but in the end it resulted in a fantastic day. Only thing that did suck was the stubborn heavy rain which greeted us from the early morning hours.  

Schedule for day two of the festival is as follows:
Main Stage:
1:25 PM: Beton
2:05 PM: Bokanovsky
2:45 PM: True Nature
3:30 PM: Run With The Hunted
4:15 PM: Titan
5:05 PM: Wolf Down
6:00 PM: Masakari
7:00 PM: Suis La Lune
8:00 PM: No Turning Back
9:00 PM: Anchor

Tent Stage:
12:30 PM: Controlled Existence
1:15 PM: Vendetta
1:55 PM: Ralph Macchio
2:35 PM: Kung-Fu Girlz
3:20 PM: Child Meadow
4:05 PM: Osawatomie
4:55 PM: Planks
5:45 PM: Boredom
6:45 PM: Aussitot Mort
7:45 PM: Vaccine
8:50 PM: Light Bearer
10:00 PM: Alpinist

While the rain was pouring down like there was no tomorrow and everyone was covering at the merch desk, "Beton" marked the beginning of the day on the main stage. A quintet from Slovakia playing some superb crust, the band unleashed a series of devastatingly fast d-beat tunes across the soaked festival field. Prior to the festival I found myself craving some more bands of this genre in my book and this act came with all the ingredients that I love, nonstop beating to the senses with speedy playing and that good old dirty crust sound. Sadly I was too far away from the stage and at one point I had to run to my tent to grab a hoodie, so I didn't enjoy the band to the fullest, but I definitely praise the very discovery of their work. Will keep an eye out on this project, attention is most deserved.
Moments later it was time to crawl from under the covers and step into the rain to see "Bokanovsky" from a closer point. Right away I have to say that this band definitely jumps up to be in my personal top five performances of this year's "Fluff Fest", no doubts about it. I know about these guys for several years now, though I kinda neglected listening to them in recent periods of time. After this performance, there is no way to ever forget about them again. The band was so powerful and emotionally impacting that they immediately resurrected the passionate love I had for them back in the day. Seeing that unbelievably well-crafted combination of beauty and serenity wrapped in heavy and unpredictable sounds oozing with emotions and passion was magnificent. This is, without any second thoughts, the first band on this festival that managed to thoroughly impress me and shake me to the core. My readers probably know how much I adore screamo hailing from France and this band is a perfect example of why I feel so much infatuation for their music scene. But wait, there is one more band from this country leaving its mark on this review, just coming up next.
Right after "Bokanovsky" finished their set, two of their string players went on into the tent to form "Child Meadow", only this time one of them was on drums and the other remained on the guitar. This band has to be the most pleasant surprise of the festival, without a doubt. These two guys managed to fill the entire tent and the audience with so much positive energy with their smiles, jokes, insanely catchy melodies and extremely pleasant attitude. There was interaction with the crowd, silly playing mistakes which created even more smiles on peoples faces and just make everyone feel like they are attending a house show. Aside of their own songs, the band did a cover of "Remek" which was actually assisted by the singer of the said band. The same happened with a "Paper Plane Crash" cover song. When you put everything together, you get a really thrilling show and a true bomb made out of positive emotions. I seriously don't recall a gig when a band managed to make me smile during the entire set. France, you should be proud.
After some hanging out around distros it was time for "Wolf Down". For various reasons I saw the band perform only briefly, but the tiny spectacle was amazing. If I remember well, I came just in time to hear "Rot" and it blew me away at how perfect it sounded. Also, I was kinda far away from the stage so I had a really nice view on what is going on there and the band really managed to move the crowd with its insane amount of energy. Jumping on stage, crowd surfing, rampage on the ground, the band itself being wild and constantly moving, just total mayhem everywhere. The sound they succeeded in creating was far more aggressive and brutal than that on the recordings, so it was quite a sight seeing them live. Definitely a band worth the note. I also did an interview with them some time ago, found here, so you should also check that out if you already haven't.
Next up, "Boredom". Maybe it is quite cheezy to say, but they instantly annihilated any possible presence of actual boredom in the tent. Precisely as on their recordings, the amusing clash between raspy, thrashy crust and almost rock and roll type melodies managed to impress me beyond measure, changing my mood from calm to nigh hyperactive. Ever since I first heard their split with "Rivers Run Dry", courtesy of good friend Botond from "Itai Itai Records", I've found their sound so unique and intriguing, thus this being an absolute honor to attend their show. Similarly to when I listened to them at home for the first time, they just swept me off my feet when they started playing on stage and my mind blown state was present until their sound died. "Lap Dance of Rats" and "The Poverty Lawyer" punched me in the gut so hard that I really don't know how I restrained myself from killing someone in the dancing area in front of the stage. What this band can do to you with their music is insane, that's for sure. They have less than 500 listeners on and that is something that is not tolerable at all. Seriously people, what's wrong with you? Check this band out, I promise you won't regret it!
It is sad to say that this is the point where the schedule became extremely tight and squeezed for me, with too many good bands entwined with one another. I really wish that "Fluff Fest" starts doing what "Ieperfest" does with its schedule, although this will have to wait until I write the review of my stay in Belgium. Until then I'll stick to what happened in Rokycany. "Masakari" was next and due to seeing "Boredom" I couldn't attend to their whole set. Although I only witnessed a part of the gig it was definitely enough to stomp me entirely. Approaching the show I realized how enormous their sound is, not only because of the fact that they were on the main stage, but also because it was, plainly put, the sound of "Masakari". There was just so much anger and energy hurling from the stage, so much that I felt completely battered, in a positive way of course, despite the fact that I was rather far from the source of sound. If I recall well, I arrived just in time to hear "X. Pain Conceived As A Tool", the song which is featured on the benefit split with "Tempest", and the band just killed everything with the sheer massiveness of their music. I've always been in love with "Masakari", but I never imagined them being that good in concert, just stunning. I feel insanely sorry that I didn't see their whole act, so I hope they come back to Europe one day to wreck havoc on everything. 
One more occasion to see "Aussitot Mort" and yet again I wasn't able to view their entire set, because I needed to catch another band. Sigh. "Fluff" you are killing me. Anyway, if I remember well the band once again opened their act with "La Ride Du Lion" which is just a superb opener and mood-setter. The band simply excels at lashing out their amazing atmospheric sound in a single swipe and it definitely doesn't leave you unshaken. I only saw that first song being played and I already had to run to the main stage, but it was absolutely worth it. I still hate myself due to the fact I missed their show with "Heaven In Her Arms", especially now since I have a chance to see them properly but always fail to see the entire set. The band hates me probably, that's why. I due love them, however. 
Rushing to the main stage earlier I managed to secure a first row place for the next act. "Suis La Lune",  legendary screamo band from Sweden and a long time favorite band of yours truly, was getting ready and just about to start. I was quite anxious about this performance due to the fact that, prior to the festival, I heard that they weren't really entertaining live and I honestly had some level of fear about what was going to happen. Additionally, for various reasons, they kind of drifted away from my liking and this show was definitely a sort of a test for the band in my eyes. Saying it right away, the band swept me off my feet entirely. And they would sweep me even easier if I wasn't stupid enough to neglect listening to their newest album called "Riala". The majority of the performed songs were from that album and, although I watched with awe and utter pleasure, it just isn't the same when you actually know the songs, if you know what I mean. Needless to say, "Cornea", "Remorse", "All That Meant Something" and all other new pieces managed to resurrect the old love I had for the band. Mixed with those were "With Wings Of Feathers And Glue" and "September Gave Us...", while the ending came in a beautiful combination of "Utter Silence Is Fragile" and "A Letter A Void". In all the years that I followed this band fervently, I always imagined that they would be so blissful and wonderfully gentle and there they were, proving and justifying all my previous thoughts. I have always dreaded about writing things concerning my favorite bands, among which is definitely this one, and this amount of text is enough to make me shudder, thus I will stop here. Astonishing performance, worth the wait all these years. 
After soothing melodies and emotions, it was time for pissed off straight edge powerviolence. That sounds gnarly, wouldn't you say? "Vaccine", a band hailing from Massachusetts and featuring members of acts such as "Orchid", "Ampere", "Glue", "Failures" and "Think I Care", just got on stage and basically kicked everyone in the face, over and over again. This came as an enormous shock to the senses after the previous band, but damn, it was worth it. Their entire set was just a violent ball of rending, heavy guitar riffs, choking drums, harsh bass and angry to the core vocals to top it off. I was simply flabbergasted at how awesome this band is, especially since I never heard about them before. I did, however, get a second chance at seeing them on "Ieperfest" where I managed to pay more attention to what is going on amid the chaos they created. Seeing this band twice shows that I'm really lucky that I didn't get a heart-attack. This day just didn't fail to continuously impress.
Once the truly maddening set was over, I had just enough time to go to my tent and put on my "Vestiges" shirt for the next band, just for fun. By the time I got back, the tent stage was overcrowded and bursting with expectations for "Light Bearer". I managed somehow to squeeze inside, despite my initial wishes to be in the very front row. The band opened with their newest song, that from the split with "Northless", called "Celestium Apocrypha: Book Of Watchers", which I have to say surprised me a bit. Although it is a truly astounding piece, I think it is a really bad choice for a short festival performance due to its length and slowness. Needless to say, the band somehow pulled it off and mesmerized the crowd with their great sound and ambiance. After a sluggish start came "Prelapsus", which literally exploded inside the tent, the mass of people erupting into a conjoined choir of screams at the cataclysmic ending of the song. From then on it was continual stage diving and dancing on the part of the audience, while the band continued with "Lapsus" and, if memory serves well, "Primum Movens". The strength of the sounds radiating from the small stage kept being increased to unbelievable levels, completely justifying the epic concept the band is enveloped in. I had my doubts about how the performance will come out in the tent stage, but so much energy and power packed in such a tight spot proved to be magnificent. My only complaint would be the pick of the opening song, since I presume that "Armoury Choir" would be a far better decision, but this stays in the boundaries of personal choice. Additionally, for a score of reasons, I really didn't approve of words spoken by the band during breaks, some of them addressing the whole situation with "Defeater". I just find it a lot better when people mind their own business and think about what they are saying before they actually say it. Otherwise, a great performance.
"Alpinist" gets one word as an opener. Wow. I wasn't pleased at all with their performance on "Cry Me A River" and I came to this gig to give them a second chance. Wow, again. The very first millisecond the band started playing, the crowd erupted like an eons old volcano. Instant stage diving, jumping, crowd surfing, screaming, pushing, everyone became so squeezed together from the sheer amount of people which hurled into the tent to participate in the sea of limbs and sore throats. The band seemed to play in such a violent fashion, when compared to the last time I saw them, and it doesn't come as a surprise that the audience replied in such a fashion. Their sound became exceedingly heavy, pounding and fast, so much that even though you were trying to stay alive in the whirlwind of bodies your mind was well aware of the sounds rushing towards the ears. There was minimal time for pauses or speeches, although they were present, and it was just nonstop insanity until the end of their set. The band just didn't stop beating their instruments until the crowd started feeling fatigue approaching. The only downside to the entire thing was that a girl got seriously injured, if the information is correct she got a fractured skull, during the set. Although it was really fun and adrenaline rushing, people should be a little bit more careful with really hurting someone, especially since at the beginning of the show a lot of tinier people were in front. I got separated from my girlfriend during the course of a couple of songs and I can't say that I wasn't worried for her. Also a similarly lame thing happened to me on "Light Bearer" while I was crowd surfing and was dropped to the ground at one point, without people actually trying to get me up but going along with their business. Just a little bit more concert etiquette is needed I presume. But aside of that, this is by far the wildest and most intense concert I've attended in a long, long while. "Alpinist", I applaud you, this was a show to remember. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Festival report: Fluff Fest 2012, day one

 "Ieperfest" and my trip to Belgium is long over, thus I am home once again. At this point I have no further travelling plans, which really bums me out since it means that I won't be seeing my better half any time soon. I do, however, have some local gigs coming up and definitely expect to read about  those in the near future, as well as an "Ieperfest" review of course. There are also some changes and upgrades which I am currently planing for the blog, so stay tuned about that. Additionally, I have a lot of unanswered e-mails and releases waiting to be written about, so thanks to everyone who provided continual attention and patience for my feedback. Until I get back to all of you, here are my thoughts concerning this year's "Fluff Fest".

Celebrating its twelfth edition, this year "Fluff Fest" was held from 20th to 22nd July 2012 at the well known Rokycany Airfield, the Czech Republic. This was my second consecutive year on the event and I already wrote briefly about the happening in my previous festival report regarding it. Even despite my words about it on this blog, the festival has become all too known and has definitely grabbed an almost cult following over the years. With a lengthy list of bands that have played and a solid message and ethics, "Fluff Fest" is a synonym for both good entertaining times, friendship and education of its attendants.

Without further ado, here is the timetable for the main and tent stages on the first festival day, 20 July 2012:
Main Stage:
2:45 PM - Wojczech
3:30 PM - Weekend Nachos
4:15 PM - Reign Supreme
5:05 PM - Coke Bust
6:00 PM - End Of A Year aka Self Defense Family
7:00 PM - Graf Orlock
8:00 PM - Loma Prieta
9:00 PM - Defeater

Tent Stage:
3:20 PM - My Turn
4:05 PM - Sick Fix
4:55 PM - Comfort Woman
5:45 PM - Grieved
6:45 PM - Nine Eleven
7:45 PM - Code Orange Kids
8:50 PM - No Omega
10:00 PM - Former Thieves

Since we arrived deep into the night on the 19th July, we had enough time during the following day to make sure that "Wojczech" was grabbed first. I never heard about this band before, but I was quickly noted that it has a fair bit of history behind itself. And when I say a "bit" I actually mean sixteen years, so that particular fact left me quite flabbergasted. Either way, the band's performance was nothing short of brutal. Extremely heavy and maniacal hardcore grind mixture with a lot of precise melody shifts and amazing vocals. The vocals were the thing that definitely grabbed the most of my attention. Vocal duties were bouncing between two band members and their outlet was simply awesome. Although it was just the two of them, they managed to produce a score of various vocal sounds, providing a really interesting diversity to the songs. All in all, this was a real surprise for me and the band definitely made me want to check them out properly at home and keep an eye out for them.
Weekend Nachos” arrived next and it was one hell of a punch to the senses. Throw a massive batch of hardcore, powerviolence and grind into the mixing pot and there you have it, a deadly concoction for a weekend meal of aggression. I have to say that I don't remember bits and pieces of their set, thus I'll keep this short, but I recall being utterly mesmerized with the amount of violence and chaos they unleashed. Despite all the madness and short songs, the band manages to implement a lot of interesting twists and turns regarding melodies in their tunes, which makes it a not so typical chaotic band. I seriously feel like their performance lasted only a couple of minutes, since the whirlwind under their name just rushed past everything. In short, just check them out and stop missing out.
Coke Bust”. Straight edge, angry and insanely fast. A band hailing from Washington, DC, they attacked with short spasm-like songs and an "in your face" attitude. Their entire set was a true beating to the ears and it just kept coming, over and over again. "Fumigation", "No Authority", "Pain And Suffering", all were thrown at the audience in a maddening rush. The sound was presented with an amazing quality and flawless execution which is a huge plus for a band of this caliber. At that point in time I knew that there was a small, but possible, chance that I get to see "Coke Bust" again on "Ieperfest" and seeing them once more would be awesome. Since you'll be reading about the band twice, I'll stop here and save some material for later. Until then, definitely check them out, this band is a must.
It was time to go catch “Grieved”, a Swedish quintet which actually teamed up with "No Omega" for a  European tour and made "Fluff Fest" one of their stops along the way. Although I find the band to be a rather typical incarnation of dark hardcore, which I do enjoy at home I might add, they proved to be entertaining live. The sound was massive and pounding, which always spells out chaos when such a band is placed on the tent stage. I didn't stick around for the entire set, but even the part that I did witness was enough for me to be completely satisfied. The band and its members are still young, so I presume there is a lot more to come from them and it should be kept under a watchful eye.
Graf Orlock” strike two. And what to say more other than the fact that this was the first band this  year which made "Fluff Fest" go absolutely nuts. Immediate stage diving, crowd surfing, screaming and just total mayhem ensued while the band lashed out with their movie samples and choking melodies. The band had a fairly similar setlist like last time I saw them, which was on "Cry Me A River" and you can read about it here, but here the sound was much more powerful and heavier. As chaotic as their songs are, their sound was unbelievably clear and technical now, so their performance was stunning in every way possible. As the show kept getting more intense and crazy, the band members seemed more and more amazed by the crowd and their reception, so they went wild themselves. The singer kept stage diving and interacting with the audience, which made the entire gig that much more awesome. Once again "The Dream Left Behind" was played last, but this time the entire band crowd surfed away, marking the end of the show with style.
Loma Prieta” strike four. Aside of meeting the guys from the band once again, since I got to know them a little bit thanks to my girlfriend, it was amazing to see them play one last time on their European tour. This was by far their loudest and most gigantic sounding performance I saw and heard, although as nearly chaotic as the show in Munster. They swallowed the entire audience with the mayhem they brewed, backed up by interesting visual entertainment, since I always found it interesting to gaze at the insane speed with which they play. The band itself was equally alive, so much in fact that the closure of their set almost ended up in their equipment being thrashed. Part of the drum kit ended up being dismantled, a guitar flew into the set, the bass dropped to the ground. After four reviews there really isn't much left to say, other than that you should try to grab a gig and keep this band under your radar for the future. It was really nice meeting them in person, so if you can go and talk to them at a show just do so, they are truly awesome people.
As soon as the quartet from the US finished their set, it was time for “No Omega”. I have seen this band last year on the Pre-Fluff gig in Prague, about which you can read here, and after that performance I completely fell for the project. Recently a new outlet from the band came in the form of an album named "Metropolis", which I took a really long and good listen to, and I have to say that they kept my liking firmly. As a result, I was extremely excited about seeing the new material being performed live. Songs like "Breathe" and "Heavy Rain" were played, along with my old time favorite "Raven's Fair", and once again they managed to blow me away live. Their sound remained to be very heavy and dark, although the band implemented more melodic and faster parts on the new recordings which made their set that much wilder. The crowd responded respectively, displaying a lot of dancing, kinda annoying karate kid moshing and jumping on stage. I did a tiny bit of dancing, more focusing on singing along and just enjoying the overall scene. I also briefly saw the band once more on the "After Fluff Matinee", which I won't do a write-up on, and they remain to be entertaining time and time again.
Skipping "Defeater" for reasons that are obvious and staying at the tent, “Former Thieves” were up next. I won't spend that much time writing this section of the review, simply because I didn't really enjoy the band. Aside of the huge attention they mustered in recent time, they just failed to grasp my attention and I ended up staying at their show due to the fact that one of my friends wanted to see them. If it was up to me, I'd much rather go and eat or loom over distros. Still, I realized that the project really has a crowd that is enjoying their tunes, so cheers to the band in that regard.
The first day was over after a really nice batch of bands and for me it was calling it quits for the night, since I was insanely tired, so I drifted away into slumber whilst disco was blasting in the party tent. Stay tuned for more!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Gig review: Rosetta, Kings Destroy, Torn From Earth

New review, new setting yet again. I’m currently being ultimately frustrated on the airport in Budapest, since it seems that my netbook went bad and now I can’t connect to any wireless networks. Aside of that, it’s a happy occasion for the trip due to the fact that I’m waiting for a plane, which is taking of a remarkable eight hours from now, to go and meetup with my girlfriend in Belgium and go to “Ieperfest”. It’s going to be a weekend packed with some amazing bands, sorted out in a really tight schedule. You’ll definitely be reading a review about that event, but until then let me take you through my time in Budapest about a month ago.

The show took place on 11 July 2012 at "Durer Kert", Budapest, Hungary. Last summer I wrote a review which featured a short description of the venue, so in case you are interested you can check out that write-up here. One difference and major improvement since my last visit to the place is the fact that this time the sound was amazing. Every audio manifestation was clear and discernible, which definitely shows that the venue underwent through some significant upgrades.
We arrived a bit late to the concert, since we took our time with a nice walk to the venue, so "Torn From Earth" was grabbed in the middle of their set. Spilling out a sluggish post metal/sludge mixture into the room, this local band from Budapest was a great start of the evening. The act took their time to slowly build up their songs with really dragging and heavy melodies, ending them in cataclysmic explosions and shattering tunes. They showed an interesting amount of technical playing and their songs in general sounded really well packed together, so to speak. For the record, I enjoyed the vocals a lot, which were shifting between a scream and a growl and corresponding well with what was going on with the instrumental section. I heard only a few of their songs live, but what I witnessed was definitely enough to make me want to check them out more in the future.
A short break ensued and then it was time for "Kings Destroy". This, I have to say, was a truly awesome surprise of the night. I never listened to the band before, nor have I actually heard about them,   so the extent of my mind being blown was immense. Formed by members involved in a plethora of other bands from New York, the project lashes out with an incredible fusion of stoner and doom, sprinkled with some progressive rock/metal. After a couple of songs I had an image of bands such as "Dozer", "Tool" and "Elder" smoking pot together and having outer-body experiences, as far as references to other projects go and how it all sounds like. Needless to say, the band definitely punches out a sound unique to them alone. It was interesting to hear how the melodies and the very sound were quite chunky and massive, while on the other hand you had rather clear and sturdy vocals. This type of contrast, which is really melded well by the way, gives the listener a nice full spectrum of sound and a really manic ride through the band's soundscapes. "Kings Destroy" equally sculpts slow and groovy melodies, as well as those beating, savage ones, which really makes their set quite dynamic and you can't ever expect what is gonna happen on the next corner. The band itself was also energetic, especially the vocalist who was walking and singing in probably every corner of the venue. He seemed so restless, radiating with both sarcasm and humor on each step of the way. Definitely a rollercoaster performance and I am extremely glad that "Rosetta" invited them to tour together. 
Once the wild band from New York finished their set, "Rosetta" was next in line to climb the stage. This is the name that dragged me down to Budapest in the first place and I was quite anxious about their performance. One year ago I had a chance to see them play on "Fluff Fest", about which I wrote here, and I was definitely left with a really bittersweet impression regarding the band and their outlet. They just failed to move me or blow me away in Rokycany, but due to the fact that I really love their music I was almost sure that that particular performance was not the best they could muster and I have been craving to give them a second chance live ever since. Truth be told, they completely seized that second occasion and served me with pure justification regarding why I enjoy their recordings so much. "Release", "Wake", "A Determinism Of Morality" and "Revolve" are some of the songs that assured me of how amazing the band really is and what type of a spectacle their act can be. The band was bursting with so much energy during the entirety of their set, making it nearly impossible for anyone in the crowd to be left unmoved. Constant movement on stage, exquisite and powerful sound, the singer walking through the mass of people and endlessly thanking everyone present. There was a remarkable amount of an omnipresent interaction between the band and the audience, which you definitely don't get to see on a lot of gigs. "Rosetta" decided to end the show with an epic encore song called "Red In Tooth And Claw", after which the band remained a little bit on stage to talk to the audience. 
In the end there were two new awesome discoveries and an old band that proved to be what I thought it was in the first place. I was really happy that I was able to go home with an impressed state of mind, and a new band shirt, additionally being pleased by the improved sound of the venue. All in all, a truly pleasant evening. Hope you enjoyed this short write-up!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Gig announcement: Wolf Down, Demonwomb, Become As One

A fine number of concerts are boiling in Serbia it seems and this happens to be one of them. "Rebuild Collective" and "Crna Ovca" (Black Sheep) prepared this fine evening for us at the famous "CK13" venue in Novi Sad. Date of the gig is 16 August 2012 and the entry fee is 2,5 euros.
First up will be the Novi Sad youths going under the name of "Become As One". Never heard about them, never saw them, so it's going to be a total surprise for me. After them it's time for "Demonwomb", a five-piece thrash metal hardcore crossover. Judging by their bandcamp page, found here, this is going to be a ride! And finally, the proclaimed heirs of the legendary "Gather", "Wolf Down" from Germany will be ready to beat the venue into a pulp with their metallic hardcore wrapped in the vicious tendrils of vegan straight edge! I recently did an interview with this band, so head over here for a quick read and also check out their tunes here!
More information about the event can be found on its facebook page, found here. See you there!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Gig review: Vestiges, Downfall of Gaia

Ugh, this write-up definitely has a sad setting for me personally, since I departed from my better half a couple of hours ago. I’m currently in the train, going from Budapest to Belgrade, dead tired and with eyes popping out from crying and sickness. Basically everything that could attack my body did, from a sore throat and coughing to a running nose and stomach ache. Hopefully reflecting back on the time spent with these two bands and the girl will evoke some nice feelings,  but I'll keep the review short either way.

The night after the "New Noise" festival we arrived at the hostel somewhere past 2 AM, if I remember well. Dead tired and exhausted we both just dropped into bed, some signs of an upcoming sickness looming over our bodies. We already had to get up at 8 AM in hopes of grabbing breakfast and two hours later to get out of the room. The thing that worried me was actually the fact that our plan wasn't confirmed yet with the band. Namely, we were supposed to take a ride with "Vestiges" who were awesome enough to offer us their two free seats. During the festival I talked to Alex and Dan from the band, but it still wasn't sure when and where we would meetup to hit the road. Exchanging phone numbers didn't work for some reason, since we couldn't reach each other. In the end it was agreed that their driver will send me an email, which I could surprisingly check on my rusty old phone. But once the girl and me arrived at the hostel, I realized that my battery will die any time soon and I didn't have my charger with me. Damned be everything. In the end, the trusty Sony Ericsson W810i managed to pull it off just until I got to read the email, after which it died. Bless you, awesome Japanese engineers.
In the end, we all got to the meetup point on time and everything was well. The road in front of us was quite long, a six hour drive if I remember correctly. Needless to say, the journey reminded me so much of my time spent with "Downfall of Gaia" since the atmosphere was always friendly and the two outsiders were welcome as though they were long time friends. It was really fun hanging out with "Vestiges", they are a bunch of really awesome dudes. I have to say that I'm happy that I have the privilege to bump into such nice people thanks to my journeys through music, since it really manages to connect people no matter how far away they live from each other.
Technically speaking, this gig held place on 8 July 2012 in the venue named "De Onderbroek" which is located in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. You can read more about this place in my review of the "Tragedy" and "Momentum" show, found here. I have to say that I was really surprised by the low amount of people that attended the show, which was really weird especially since it was a weekend gig.
“Vestiges” kicked off the evening and this time everything went smooth. "I" was superb on this occasion due to the fact that Alex was able to properly channel his rage over the destruction of our planet and human ignorance through the microphone. Their sound was truly massive, so much in fact that I don't think the venue was able to hold on properly. It seems that the band makes such an intense sound, especially with the clash of soothing and violent, that the venue really needs to be perfect in order for the tunes of "Vestiges" to come into full light. Don't get me wrong, the band was beyond amazing, but I just feel that they could be even better if the gig was in another venue. In any case, it is really intriguing how the lyrics to their songs managed to crawl inside my head and the music itself was extremely tempting to just scream the words from the top of my lungs, which doesn't happen very often. "V" and "VI" also got a chance to blow away the audience and they sure did. When the split with "Ghaust" came out, "VI" just kept rewinding itself in my music player. The band managed to go even further with their sound with that song, becoming even grimmer and heavier, and it makes me abnormally excited about hearing some new material. Naturally I was tempted to ask the band about some future plans and they say that the split with "Panopticon" is well under way, as well as something else which at the moment I can't quite recall. I'm getting old, I need to start writing stuff down seriously. Either way, the band also promised, well at least Alex did, that they will be touring Europe again next summer and that they will visit some places they missed this year, like Serbia for instance. And you guys better play on "Fluff Fest" next year, that festival seems perfect for the band. Great things are looming on the horizon for this band and I'm thrilled about everything just by thinking about it.
“Downfall Of Gaia” took the stage after a small setup break. Thanks to seeing them two days in a row I was able to better analyze their new songs on this second occasion. Apparently this new material just keeps sounding more amazing with each new listen. The atmosphere and the soundscapes which they are able to weave are breathtaking, flowing from gently eerie to shattering reality epic. Those new tunes craft amazing pictures in your head and set you into a very specific mood, which I presume will be solidified even further once we get to hear the upcoming album in its entirety. There were certain instances and song sections which really made me shiver, like one certain moment when the string players start screaming all at once and thus creating a truly shattering crescendo. Once those still unknown songs ended, both songs from the split with "In The Hearts Of Emperors" were played. It is absolute enjoyment to hear those songs at any time, but I have to say that "These Wet Feathers..." just makes my head spin at how amazing that song is. I've heard it live, and the band in general, so many times now and I just can't get bored with it, in fact always looking forward for more of their gigs. So what can I say in the end, other than that I am definitely counting days until "Suffocating In The Swarm Of Cranes" comes out. It will be worth the wait.
All in all, this was a really heartwarming gig for me. Being there with my girlfriend and surrounded by friends, both new and old, seemed more like it was a house show than a venue concert. It was awesome seeing "Downfall of Gaia" again, I really missed you guys! Great music and even some vegan cake to top it off. And oh my, both bands had such awesome merch with them that they gave me a true headache until I barely managed to decide what to buy. In the end, I would like to thank "Vestiges" once again for providing my girlfriend and me with free seats in their vehicle, additionally giving us a warm welcome and making us feel at home. It was a pleasure meeting you all and I hope our roads cross again in the future.

Gig announcement: Rivers Run Dry, Tyrannicide, Intakt

This is a short announcement for a show which will be held tomorrow in Belgrade, Serbia. "Resetor booking & promotions" cooked and prepared this dark evening for us which will be nested in "Club Fest" on 7 August 2012.
Local support comes in the form of the band called "Intakt" which plays thrashy hardcore. This will be the first time I see them live, so I am fairly excited about their set. After them comes "Tyrannicide", a hardcore/crust act hailing from the Netherlands. A complete enigma to me, so brace yourself and take a quick listen here. Last, but definitely not least, will be the beast known as "Rivers Run Dry", a neocrust outlet coming from Hungary. My mind was blown after hearing their split with "Boredom", so I am absolutely thrilled to see them live. You can take a listen to it here.
The event begins at 22:00 hours (10 PM) and you can read more info on the event facebook page, found here. So in the end, this is a trio consisting of hardcore/crust bands for only 2,5 euros. Let the feast begin!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Festival report: New Noise 2012

As you have figured out by now, most of these reviews were written way before they got to be posted, so the dates might not match with certain show times. This here, for instance, will be a review of the “New Noise” festival which I’m writing in the train that is rushing through Hungary to get to the Czech Republic. Yes, I am again going to visit “Fluff Fest”, though this review will probably end up being posted quite some time after the said festival. I’m spending a lot of time with my girlfriend and my writing and internet time is rather scarce, so that is why the posts are so late and mixed up. All in all, this is a really epic summer trip and the number of shows I need to write about is constantly increasing. I just want to take this opportunity to say how sorry I am to all the bands that have sent me their material and everyone who is waiting to be hosted on “Natures With No Plagues”. Thank you for both the interest and the patience, I will surely dedicate my time and words to all of you. But until then, it’s time to drop by to Karlsruhe!

Here we are with yet another European music festival with a lot of tradition behind it, spanning for seven years now. Although it has a rather long life span, I have to admit that this is the first time I hear about the event. Got to say that I was really impressed by the lineup and the overall idea of the entire happening. "New Noise" took place at Ostauepark, located in the eastern section of Karlsruhe, on 7 July 2012. My woman and me were nested in a youth hostel, located a good half an hour walk from the fest, so we grabbed a chance to get to know the city a bit. Karlsruhe definitely seems like a wonderful place to live, especially thanks to that one enormous park-botanical garden located in the center. Reaching the festival was rather easy due to the signs posted by the organizers, which really made things go smooth at a certain point. "New Noise" itself consisted of two big tents where stages were set up, numerous distros and food and drink stands circling around the entire perimeter. There was also a sitting area with benches, located in the center of everything, and also a rather big grass field for laying around. Overall, it seemed really cozy and there was always room for everyone everywhere, so big thumbs up for the organizers of the event.

The timetable for this awesome day looked like this:
First Tent
13:00-13:25 The Tidal Sleep
13:40-14:05 Nine Eleven
14:20-14:45 Tempest
15:00-15:25 Run With The Hunted
15:40-16:05 Aussitot Mort
16:20-16:45 Code Orange Kids
17:00-17:30 Sailing On
17:45-18:15 Midnight Souls
18:30-19:00 Loma Prieta
19:15-19:45 Adorno
20:00-20:30 No Turning Back
20:45-21:15 Defeater
21:45-23:00 Church of Ra Showcase

Second Tent
13:25-13:50 Unveil
14:05-14:30 June Paik
14:45-15:10 Titan
15:25-15:50 Man Vs. Humanity
16:05-16:30 Vestiges
16:45-17:10 Downfall of Gaia
17:30-18:00 Birds In Row
18:15-18:45 Former Thieves
19:00-19:30 Anchor
19:45-20:15 Brutality Will Prevail
20:30-21:00 Graf Orlock
21:15-21:45 Celeste
23:00-23:30 Raein

First band in line which we managed to see was none other than “June Paik”. I barely managed to brace myself after their previous performance and here they were again, ready to devastate me once more. To make things even crazier, their sound was far better here than on "Cry Me A River", so you can just imagine how powerful their set was this time. Their scheduled playtime was much shorter than on the previous fest however, but the strength of the impact hit they made on the audience was not crippled by time in the slightest. "I" was played again and it is wondrous what the band manages to do with that song. A true work of art, especially when created live, just a perfect composition leaving you breathless and in a very specific mood. And I will leave it at this in hopes that I don't end up sounding like a fan boy, especially after my previous review of their gig on "Cry Me A River".
The first band I watched had a little bit of a delay due to some issues regarding setting up, so I was kinda late to see the full set of “Tempest”. Of course, what I did witness was enough to show how many asses the band can kick. Attending their show for the third time now and the band keeps showing that it is always so pumped with amazing vibes and energy, so much passion and creativity. I came just on time to hear  my favorite song again, "Death Rattle", and it was absolutely enough for me. We stuck around for another number and then it was time to raid the distros. As I said before, keep an eye out for "Tempest" and try to attend a show, you'll leave with your jaw on the floor.
It was time for “Run With The Hunted”, so we were forced to somehow make our hands unglued from the awesome records present at the festival. Seriously, if my wallet was big enough I would probably spend the entire day just swimming in a sea of vinyl. Anyway, the hardcore outfit from Phoenix, Arizona delivered a really fast punch with their set. A very lively performance with excellent sound, the band quickly managed to intrigue and move the audience. I was present for only two songs on their gig, so my impressions are rather limited, but from the start they showed that they will give all they've got and that it's bound to be a fun ride. I also failed to see them on "Fluff Fest", but as much as I saw people were walking away after their gigs quite happy.
After failing to see “Aussitot Mort” when they were touring Europe with "Heaven In Her Arms", cursed be my life, I finally had the privilege to do so. The French quartet opened with "La Ride Du Lion", the first song off of their newest outlet, and those very first tones instantly blew me away. The power and intensity of their recordings were perfectly transferred to the audience live in concert and even increased beyond anything I previously imagined. With the help of the "venue" and its excellent sound, "Aussitot Mort" managed to create an amazing atmosphere and connection with the crowd, making their set really intriguing for watching and listening. They showed how and why they are one of the most important bands in that astounding post rock rock screamo crossover and that they are a project you definitely need in your book. Sadly, due to the timetables being a little messed up, I was only on a tiny bit of their performance and it was already time for another band to be grabbed.
Rushing to the second stage and grabbing a perfect first row place for “Vestiges”. Thus far, I think my readers have a great understanding of my thoughts about the band and how much attention this blog showed for the whole project. From the initial moment I heard their music and up to this point in time, my love for their work has been rapidly growing and I was happy beyond reason when I realized that I will see them live this summer. The time finally came and the band naturally opened their set in the same fashion as their record begins. My excitement was at a boiling point, but once "I" exploded their set proved to be really crippled due to insanely stubborn problems with the singer's microphone. Despite screaming and growling from the top of his lungs, Alex just couldn't be heard at all. It was really unpleasant standing there and seeing the man give his best, but get sabotaged by the equipment. I just have to give a negative shout out to the organizers for this, since they made a really tight schedule, basically forcing the bands to play, without making sure that everything technical is okay. Instead of providing stupid, worthless red lights during the day on the stage, a little more attention and care should have been paid to whether or not the equipment is working, since "Vestiges" are not the only band that had issues. Needless to say, the band managed to provide an astounding show despite the difficulties they faced, especially the singer who didn't stop for a single second, just proving that they are a true force to be reckoned with. Their music was exceedingly powerful live, giving absolute justification to their recordings and the entire concept of the project. "V" was also played and it was such a breathtaking, passionate finisher of their set, since seeing one of their guitar players putting a maximum of his heart and soul into the performance was quite a sight. I will stop here with my thoughts, since you'll be reading more about them in an upcoming review of their show with "Downfall of Gaia" in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, so stay tuned!
Once the quintet from the States ended their act, it was time for “Downfall of Gaia”. In case you follow my blog for a longer period of time then you are aware that I did a little bit of travelling with this band last year. So not only is my love for their music strong and endless, but I also consider them really good friends and it was utmost pleasure to see them again. As expected, they managed to knock me off my feet in a second. For a while now it has been known that the band is recording new material for an upcoming double LP, so this was a grand occasion to hear some of their new songs. If memory serves me well, two new songs have been performed and they left me speechless. Ever since the band formed, "Downfall of Gaia" has been in a constant cycle of evolution and their newborn is not without such a merit. Further expanding their music and putting an even higher accent on black metal and those gloomy atmospheric sections, the band hinted what they have been creating for us behind closed doors. Everything that was remarkable about "Epos" has been kind of upgraded and put on a new level with their new material, which definitely made me even more thrilled about hearing the entire album. Aside of those songs, "These Wet Feathers..." was also played, which is one of my personal favorites. Overall, an amazing performance and a wonderful preview of what is yet to come from this project. 
Short break and then coming back to the same tent to view “Birds In Row”. To be honest I haven't listened to them in a long time, the pinnacle of my attention for them being drawn way before the band got signed to "Deathwish Inc.", after which I almost forgot about them. Either way, the band swiftly brought back the memory of why I liked them in the first place. Their songs were always impacting and strong, but I never imagined the band sounding as powerful as it did live. Completely exceeded my expectations. "Among the Ashes" and "Colossus" were enough to set everyone who was present into the right mood, although the band kept beating their instruments without remorse. Definitely a wild and entertaining performance.
Loma Prieta”, strike three. Much like "June Paik", they had far better sound quality on "New Noise" than on the previous festival and it resulted in a really intriguing performance. Continuously energetic and fierce, the San Francisco four-piece dropped a chaos bomb into the venue yet again. In contrast to their past gigs that I attended, vocals had a really high volume and it was both a surprise and a pleasure to hear them under the spotlight. The crowd was also quite responsive to their tunes with dancing and even some stage diving. Their performance went wild and boiling until the last song, that being "Trilogy 6 "Forgetting"", when Michele from "Raein" sat behind the drum kit while Val was picked up by the audience along with other parts of the set and so he played like that in mid air. Definitely a really epic and crazy finisher which no one could expect!
Once the chaos from the previous band went silent, it was time for “Adorno” to take the stage. This would be my second time watching them live, since previously I saw them way back in 2010, an experience about which you can read here. As much as the previous show made me smile and enjoy, so did this one leave a purely positive impression on me. Their melodies have an uncanny ability to instantly put a smile on your face and just wash you over with so much nice energy. Songs from "Said And Unsaid" were played, as well as from their split with "The Black Heart Rebellion", making their setlist a really amazing one. The band also kept their friendly ways of talking to the audience, so overall this looked more like a house show than a festival gig, which is a huge plus in my head. Extremely happy I got to see them live again and I am definitely hoping that they will have more activity in the future.
Okay, this is where things get downright serious. Thus far this review was really easy to write down, but now I'm sitting here with absolutely no knowledge where to start. “Celeste”, the well known four-piece from France, has a special place in my heart. They bear members from "Mihai Edrisch", a band which I love inexplicably and hold dear beyond this world, and that alone was always enough for me to  be infatuated with them. Their music is, without a doubt, a story for itself. Numerous times I found myself trying to somehow properly categorize their sound in a specific genre and always failed. The unstoppable and devastating impulse going under the name of "Celeste" has been a thing so unique that it can't be placed or tamed into a tag. But without further ado, let me get back to writing about the show. Darkness fell into the tent and only four red dim lights were hovering on stage, illuminating from tiny lamps placed on the heads of the band members. Smoke crawled around the stage and the audience, mystifying the setting for what is yet to come. And when the beast came, it couldn't be tamed until it was killed by lack of time. I won't even say which songs were played, because their set was simply an unstoppable, violent behemoth with only second long breaks for a single breath. I have never in my life witnessed four people creating such a destructive wall of sound, so powerful that I thought the ground will break under our feet. Everything seemed to crash down onto the audience, the crowd also deciding to give its violent outburst in response to the band's apocalyptic rhythms. I was simply stunned beyond words. All I can say is that this is absolutely one of the best shows I attended this year. The repertoire of bands I saw in 2012 seemed like it will be hard to pick out my favorites, but "Celeste" made their place as number one without a doubt. I am sure they won't be taken down from the throne in the upcoming months, this is something that you experience once in a lifetime. My entire experience was definitely sealed and made complete with talking and shaking hands with Johan, singer of both "Celeste" and "Mihai Edrisch" and a man I consider truly as a one of a kind artist. I will stop my review of their set here and just say that if you can go to their show, just go. If you haven't heard about them, take a listen and stop missing out.
Church Of Ra” was the name that closed the day for me. The act with the longest scheduled playtime, a band consisted of members from "AmenRa", "Oathbreaker", "Hessian" and "Syndrome", picked as something that can bring an epic ending to this year's "New Noise" festival. I am probably playing with fire here, but I have to keep my honesty on a high level and just say that I was sincerely bored. Maybe it was due to the fact that there was and is so much talk and hype about this collective that I pumped up my expectations to high. The band members on stage kept switching during the set and each time that would happen I was hoping for something intriguing to happen, but it never did. At times all members would be on stage, I can't really recall was it eight or nine of them, and they would play at the same time which would create a truly massive sound. Even that failed to actually impress me. My personal opinion is that any band making that much noise after "Celeste" is doing just that, making noise. Definitely a lot of factors played their part so that I ended up not liking the band, though I absolutely saw that they had a massive crowd, so I am probably just a drop bouncing off from the ocean. To each his own, though I do feel real regret that my sacrifice of seeing "Raein" in the other tent was in vain. Pity.
As you can see, this has been a fantastic day. Lots of amazing bands, great distros and a really interesting place to hold a festival. Like I already mentioned, my only complaint goes out to issues regarding equipment, since that managed to mess up the timetable a fair bit. Otherwise, "New Noise" proved to be a really intriguing festival and I hope that its tradition will be kept alive in many years to come. Special praise goes to my girlfriend, who managed to keep up the game with me despite me being really dumb at times. That's love for you!