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Seeing as though I will be contributing to "Tigersuit" zine on a per issue basis, might as well add it to the blog as well. Expect issue reviews and updates regarding the zine on this page, since the blog where it is originally being promoted is on Bulgarian, so this might come in handy for all of you English readers.
I presume that a lot of you may not be interested in this since it is in a foreign language (foreign even for me), but who knows, maybe some day it will blossom and become an international zine. I'd like to thank Mitko for being eager about adding me to their group of writers and hopefully this zine will have an exciting and long lifespan.
If you wish to get in touch with someone from the zine (other than myself), you can write to these addresses: sfti.diy@gmail.com and tigersuitzine@gmail.com

Tigersuit Merch

Yes, merch has been made in order to fund the printing of a new issue! "Tigersuit" issue #4 has been completely done with half of the content being written in English, but the team could use a bit of help when it comes to funds. Get in touch!

Tigersuit Zine issue #3

April 1st started extremely well for me, since the first thing that greeted me that morning was the third issue of "Tigersuit" zine at the front of my door! Despite the fact that my contribution for this issue was rather small, I was so looking forward to it and was very excited to delve into its content.
The evolution of the zine is again very apparent and all people which dedicate their time to the design and printing of "Tigersuit" deserve to be proud of their work. This issue is definitely on a whole new level when it comes to form and content, when compared to the previous two numbers. Format of the zine is increased to 280x200 (which is slightly smaller version of A4) and the very paper on which it is printed is excellent. The overall layout is based on grey color tones, so it gives a specific feel to the beholder. One new feature of this issue is that all 150 copies are hand numbered, which is absolutely great for this kind of thing, really gives a personal note to the whole project.
As for content inside this issue it is nothing short of amazing with a bunch of new interviews and columns. First in row is an interview with "Heaven in Her Arms" and "Aussitot Mort" done after their show in Budapest. Next up, interview with Jason Fowler, a quite known name in the world of hardcore/punk and also an interview with hardcore legend John Porcelly. The interview which I really enjoyed was with the amazing guys from France, "12XU". There are also interviews with Varna hardcore band "Indignity", the remarkable screamo band "Beau Navire", "Kalashnikov" from Milan, "xParasitic Skiesx" from Seattle, a conversation with  a member of the organization of "Scum Fest" and an extremely interesting interview with vegan bodybuilder Robert Cheeke! Yours truly helped out this issue with an interview done with the guys from much loved Dutch screamo band, "Laatste Halte". Aside of the interviews, there are numerous translated essays, columns and articles. As usual, the zine ends with various links which are definitely worth checking out.

Tigersuit Zine issue #2

Only three months passed and already the second issue came out. One would think that the quality stayed the same due to the low downtime between issues, but it is far from it. The page count is increased to 72 pages and the layout is on a much higher, detailed and complicated level. Every design suits the review/interview/column perfectly, reflecting the theme and mood very well.
Issue number two opens up with an interview with screamo/post rock band "Arroyo" from Germany, followed by a longish interview with USA hardcore giants "Comadre". There are also talks with "Expectations", "Former Thieves" and the interview with "Vestiges" done by yours truly (which, if you missed, can read here). This issue was quite heavy in terms of the themes it acomplished to cover. An interview with film maker Denis Hennelly found it's place in the zine, talking about his movie "Bold Native" as well as animal liberation and veganism in general. I think the "Vestiges" interview really found it's place following that talk. 
A lot of near educational interviews were featured as well, with writer Atanas P. Slavov and an awesome article on diy photography and a talk with Andrey from xThreatx Records. The issue ends with a list of picked releases which marked 2010 and a list of links to various blogs and sites.

Tigersuit Zine issue #1  

I already wrote about this issue back in November, which you can read here, but nevertheless I will give you a quick recap now. The first issue saw the light of day in September 2010. It was composed of 56 pages on A5 format, opening up with two columns of sort about  Tigersuit and how the idea came up. Following that comes the interview with "Bright Sight" from Bulgaria and a presentation of the Gothenburg hardcore scene.There are also two huge interviews with "Anchor" and screamo legends from Croatia "Analena", as well as a shorter but quite interesting one with turkish screamo "Lost in Bazaar" and a talk with Patty Carlos explaining the scene in New Zeland. There is also an interview which breaks from the standard zine norm, featuring Raul Vaneigem, a famous revolutionary of May '68. In the end there is quite thorough review/walkthrough of Fluff Fest 2010, very interesting if you are thinking about going to the fest, like yours truly.

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