Sunday, February 27, 2011

PJ Bond - 22 April: Vienna, Austria (2010)

Judging by the title of this post you'd think that it is a gig review or something. Not quite correct, but then again it isn't far from the truth either. This is a writeup dedicated to PJ Bond's second release, recorded on April 22 in Vienna, Austria during a break on his tour. So yeah, one could definitely consider this like a special tour show just for the listener of this release.
PJ Bond is a singer/songwriter with an acoustic guitar in hand and quite a lot of emotions and energy coming out of his pocket. You can find his biography on "The Black Numbers" label site (found here), which you should check out since it is a very interesting read, but now I'll just give a quick glimpse of it. Coming from New Brunswick, New Jersey he was rooted in the diy basement scene for the majority of his time. When his first and probably most loved band parted ways, he was bouncing from band to band and while this experience was probably memorable, he missed something. He felt caged and longed for creating, touring and making friends along the way. After deciding to go solo and taking probably the hardest first step to do so, here he is today.
To be honest, prior to hearing from Phil, who is a member of the above mentioned label, I didn't know about PJ Bond and his music. The only bits of info I found out was from that biography I recommended for reading and this release. When you read it you see that PJ has quite a nice number of songs under his belt. I am yet to check out all his work, so for now I will be focusing just on this release.
Despite the fact that I really don't listen to this type of acoustic music a lot, which I should since it reminds me of my significant other, this "genre" is actually my soft spot. It is hard to explain, maybe because for some reason tunes like these aren't on my mind that much, but once I settle down and take a listen I usually end up melting from enjoyment. I presume that this is also why I find it hard to write about projects like these, since you don't need to talk about them. I mean, it is a singing guy with a guitar, what is there to write about, right? But that very simplicity is there just to clear the path to the heartfelt lyrics and the passion one man can dedicate to making music. You just need to sit down and absorb all these melodies and pure, raw emotions radiating from every possible second.
Hm, seems like I trailed of from actually talking about PJ's tunes. Well, all that is written above can be applied to him of course. When you put this into your player you get a dose of excellent tunes which will make your day better in an instant. PJ reminds me a lot of Eric Ayotte when it comes to lyrics. I did a review of Eric's gig with "Adorno" a few months back (you can read it here), falling in love with his performance and I think that the same would happen to me if I saw PJ play live. Simply put, there is really something driving and inspiring on this release and all you need to do is just let go and enjoy. There are six songs with around sixteen minutes of tunes here, with "Untitled (Robot Golf)" being my favorite. I am quite eager to take a listen to the rest of his work, since this grasped my heart and attention the first moment I pressed "play".
In the end, I hope that I managed to reflect my feelings about this release onto this writeup. PJ Bond makes amazing music and you should absolutely check out his work for yourselves. I really hope that he continues to journey on the path he took and that he finds all the happiness and success he could wish for along the way. You can get in touch with him on his myspace page here or even follow him on Twitter here. Enjoy!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Ghost Dance - Ghost Dance (2011)

Due to various factors and commitments I have really increased downtime between posts. I will definitely try to post more frequently, because this slow blog motion is getting on my nerves. Hopefully this band will shake me enough to get me back on track and to be honest it has quite a lot of potential to do so.

"Ghost Dance" is a duo coming from Lancaster, USA. If you are a longtime follower of my blog, then you already came into contact with Chris and Tyler through their other project, namely "Broken Chords Can Sing A Little". Last September I wrote a review for the "Broken Chords..." discography (which you can read here) and I was moved quite much by their music. It was very exciting to hear that they guys have a side project and the fact that they were a two piece made things even more interesting for me.
So, what we have here is some well sculpted screamo in a twenty six minute release. A legacy of "Broken Chords..." can be heard here in the form of quite chaotic, raw and screechy sound, at times even reminding me of the first release by the band "Fuck, Wolves!". But despite the obvious similarity to their primary band, the duo managed to successfully twist their self-imposed influences and add something more to their sound. As Chris told me, they started playing with an idea to be a math/instrumental band, but eventually vocals were added into the mix. Thanks to that initial plan, there is quite an interesting layer to their tunes, so it is not all just screamo. You can find a lot of changes in their melodies, sometimes with those mathy sections jumping at you or even more hardcore driven playing which kicks you to the ground with breakdowns and heavy riffs. Also, unlike "Broken Chords" there is a significant amount of experimentation with guitar effects, so certain songs have a vastly different tone and mood when compared to the rest of the tracks on this release.
The very structure and composition of the songs is quite diverse. Tracks bounce from slow, mid and fast tempo, though they never really reach a too fast, aggressive note for which a lot of chaotic bands are well known for. The songs do get to a certain point when they sound angry and frustrated, but not quite violent, which I personally find to be quite a trait. This is most likely due to the lyrics and the very type of vocal performance, which despite the constant screaming adds a level of calamity. It is kinda hard to explain, since you have to take a listen and get what I am saying.
In the end, I really enjoyed this release, thanks to my love for two piece projects and the type of chaos present here. I'd definitely like to hear some more material from this project, since there is a lot of potential here. Some of you probably won't enjoy the type of recording, which I personally don't mind, but maybe further evolution of this band will bring advancement in that area. Either way I highly recommend you check out their tunes!
You can get in touch with "Ghost Dance" on their myspace page here or on their Facebook page here.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

413 - Path to Hocma (2011)


I settled down with a cup of coffee today to write about one submission which came before this one, but as it turns out I'm having some internet troubles (I think), so mediafire isn't working quite properly. Hopefully that issue is gonna get fixed somehow, but until then here is something else quite interesting for you. I have to admit though that I am not really in the proper mood for writing now, so that may reflect on the writeup. Either way, hope you enjoy it.

Probably all of you know of this release by now, since it got a lot of coverage once it saw the light of day. "Path of Hocma" came out somewhere at the beginning of January and yeah again I am rather late with presenting it here. Anyway, this is the second release of the band "413" hailing from Spain...though the term "project" is much more fitting than "band". The thing is that "413" is actually done by just one man, the extremely talented David Pisabarro. Everything from writing, composition, production, mixing, mastering, interpretation, design, everything is done by David. As the story goes, he started out as a bass player in various local bands where he discovered his potential. After he released the first album "Reschith" under the name "413", he started further developing his skills which resulted in being a producer for a number of bands. He was also working with Eskil Lövstrom and Pelle Henricsson, producers associated with names such as "Cult of Luna" and "Refused".
Adding to his extreme ambition and commitment to music is the actual weird way in which "Path to Hocma" was recorded. It is best explained with a quote when David wrote to me about his music: "it was written with no amplifiers, no guitars, without a studio to call home, based only on an electric bass." I must admit that once I started reading about this project I really couldn't believe that it is basically a one man thing. One must really admire the creator of this on both his efforts and creativity.
So, what does "413" sound like? Well, if you take a quick stroll over the web you will see this tagged with everything, from post-metal and (post) hardcore to ambient and post-rock. But without a need for a thousand genre tags, I'd have to say that I would simply tag this as experimental. Basically, all the above mentioned genres could be applied to this project, but the very structure of the album suggests that it is a pure experiment, so to speak. Songs differ to one another in style and composition, one goes fast and aggressive with screaming and choir like vocals, while the next one is a weird slow track with a sort of tribal or even ritual like mood to it. And after that, you get hit by a song which literally manages to draw a scene of the American wild west in your head. Also there is variation in vocal performance, since you can listen to David's singing, as well as guest appearances from Urko Eizmendi ("Krilin"), Joseba Ruiz ("Dazein") and Rubén González ("Cohen"). There are ten songs on this release with somewhere around 50 minutes of tunes and every song has something unique to offer to the listener. "Path to Hocma" is quite an interesting ride and the hour that you spend listening to it rushes past you without you even noticing.
One thing I would also like to reflect upon is the design of the release. It is a cardboard case and a booklet, all thoroughly filled with drawings, lyrics and other info. The drawings and the overall design is excellent, pictures of landscapes and animals, looking like they were all done by pencil. Yeah this sounds retarded, but I don't know the correct art terminology to give you a specific description. Either way, the packaging looks great and it is done by the artist Leyre Otermin.
An important thing must be said is that "Path to Hocma" is available for free. Not only in digital format, but also as physical, which is how I actually got my copy. Of course, there is the option of donating some funds to the whole project, which I sadly couldn't do since I have no PayPal thanks to my shitty country. In any case, you should definitely check this out! This is an extremely ambitious project and there is nothing more to do than praise David's work and wish him the best of luck in his future creativity.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Once again some collaboration work with Luka and we are extremely proud to present to you an interview with "Arktika", an amazing quintet from Germany. This band is on the blog for the first time now, so if you haven't heard of them before, definitely read this and you will absolutely be intrigued. Hope you enjoy!

1. Hello my friend, how are you? First I want to thank you for this interview. Can you introduce yourself and the rest of the band?

My name is Tim, i'm from Cologne, Germany, and i am one of Arktika's guitar players. "Arktika" is a post-rock/sludge band from Cologne. We started playing in July 2008 and have released two records till now. We played shows with bands like "Envy", "Caspian", "pg.lost" and others. The other guys in the band are Marc (vocals), Jürgen (guitars), Felix (bass) and Jürgen (drums).

2. As much as I know, "Arktika" is a name for Soviet nucler-powered icebreaker.Why did you choose that name and what is the story behind the formation of the band?

We were searching for a good name for a long time but we never found something everyone absolutely agreed with. When we recorded "heartwrencher" at Tonmeisterei, Oldenburg we were watching some TV and there was this documentation about the north pole. And then the name of the nuclear powered icebreaker fell: Arktika. We all liked the idea of a silent but very strong ship that moves through a wide arctic landscape. It somehow describes parts of ou
r music...the change between silence and loudness. Even the slowness and power of an icebreaker moving through the ice fits our sound very well.

3. For now you have two releases,one EP called "Heartwrencher" and full lenght "At Zero" that was released last year. Tell me something about it...?

Both LPs were recorded at "Tonmeisterei" in Oldenburg. It's really great to record there because Role is a man with skills, ideas and gorgeous equipment. "Heartwrecnher" was recorded only sixth months after we had started writing songs. It was 20 minutes of material and it was a great experience to record those songs after we had played them over and over again for a while and to see what the would sound like. When we recorded "at zero" things were a bit different. We knew what we wanted and had evolved since our first recording. It was a little bit more experimental in some aspects but we are really happy with it.

4. There is a lot of variation in your sound and a lot of different impacts can be heard...can you tell me something about influences of your work?

When we started the band we talked about bands we like and the direction this whole thing should go to. "Envy" was a band that everyone liked and could identify with. So this was our rough direction we wanted to go to. We all come from different areas of music…indie, punk, metal, screamo, rock and i think this can be heard in our songs.

5. How would you describe the sound that you make? I have an impression that your music has quite a lot of sadness and is generally heavy on the listener from an emotional perspective, a trait not so common with the so called post-metal genre with which you have been tagged.

That's a really good question and i can't really answer it 100% myself. When i look at what people tag us at for example it's a mixture of "sludge, post-rock, post-metal, experimental and ambient". I wouldn't know how to put that into one word. But when people ask me i mostly say "experimental post-rock" although most people that are not related to indie- or hardcore-music in a wider way don't really know what that should be.

6. I have read your lyrics and they really managed to hit a specific note with me. Please explain to the readers what you write about and what is your main inspiration.

I am not involved in the writing of the lyrics. Our singer Marc is the lyrics-master. As far as i know his inspiration comes from his everyday life, his job, his girlfriend and last but not least the music he loves and which means a lot for him in his life. If you look at the lyrics-sheet of "at zero" you can find some hints at the bottom of some of the songs.

7. Could you give me your thoughts about your local scene? Are there any active bands, zines, the general diy story?

There's quite a lot here in Cologne. We have a nice record shop called "Underdog-Records", some places you can see alternative music at like "Underground", "MTC" or "Aetherblissement". I'm not so much into fanzines but Marc once did one with some friends himself. It's called "dear you" and you can find it at

8. You released your material through "Narshardaa" label from Germany. How did that happen?

When we had finished the recordings for "heartwrencher" we didn't know when or where to release the songs. So we sent them to some smaller labels we liked and Andre from Narshardaa was one of the first to answer. He really liked the songs and wanted to release them only some weeks later. That was really great for us. He liked the artwork as well so everything went really smooth. It's nice to have bands like Toundra, Planks or Dramamine as labelmates.

9. I saw on your site that the "At Zero" release is already sold out and a repress is on the way. When can we expect it?

It should be available sometime in March. We also do a repress of "heartwrencher" and you can expect some nice new vinyl-colours as well.

10. I was quite intrigued by the artwork on your releases. Who is the mastermind behind it?

Although i wouldn't call myself a "mastermind"…that's me. I'm a graphic designer and Marc's lyrics inspired me to the artworks as you can see them now. I created the artworks for both LPs while listening to the songs. I think it's really important that you can feel the music when you see the artwork somehow. By the way: Marc and Felix are designers as well so there's no problem on the side of creative potential in our band.

11. 2010 is behind us. What are your favorite releases of the past year?

I really liked "Like Iron I Rust" by "Kollwitz", "Recitation" by "Envy", "Paisajes" by "Tristeza", "Axe to Fall" by "Converge", "It's Getting Colder" by "We Made God", "blazing fires and helicopters on the front page of the newspaper" by "Suffocate For Fuck Sake" and "Valley of Smoke" by "Intronaut".

12. Besides "Arktika", do members have any side project?

Not really. We all played in several bands like "Reno Kid", "Francis Brady", "Muad'Dib", "Encore" and others in the past. But right now all our musical energy goes into Arktika. We all have jobs so our time is a little limited anyway.

13. Outside of music related work, do you have some hobbies, studies, jobs?

I'm interested in graphic-design, cycling, cooking and hanging around in front of my computer. ;)

14. Plans for the future? Some tour, maybe visiting Serbia once...?

We want to record something again this year although it won't be a whole album i think. One or two songs for a split-LP maybe. We tried to set up a tour this year but the band we wanted to share the road with had to cancel it so we don't have tour plans anymore right now. But of course we want to play other shows this year. There are several areas in Germany we haven't been to and we'd like to fix that. Playing outside of Germany would be great as well. But sadly we have no plans up to now. But we definitely would like to.

15. Time for you to ask a question!

Simple: just tell me about yourself and how you got to know our music.

Luka: What can I say for myself other than that I am a common person in love with music and it represents a major part in my life. After several bands and my zine which I did a while back, now I meddle around with a distro. I also plan on starting a mini label, maybe a zine again, something more like a newsletter.
As for "Arktika", I accidentally found out about you. I was reading on some blog about a new release and saw possitive comments, tried to find "Heartwrencher" and that was love at first listen. Both songs hit me directly. Later I found the new album when it came out and I was amazed. I am very glad that such a band exists and I wish you all the best in your future work, maybe even meet in person some day...

Stefan: Well not much to say I guess, I'm studying management (whatever the hell that means in modern society). My main passions are music and writing, hence the amount of text on this blog. NWNP is probably my biggest project and the one that I am most proud of. I also play bass in a band inspired by occult and folk themes, though that is extremely young. I like artwork and drawing, though I extremely suck at it, guess I have to practice more. Similarly to Luka, I want to expand my blog into a label/zine, maybe even a booking agency some day.
Hmmm, well I actually got into your tunes through Luka. I must admit that at first I couldn't really get into your tunes, though that is most likely due to some weird mood I was in. But the second time I took a listen, "Heartwrencher" just exploded into my face! Love ever since. As written above, it is great so hear such a talented band, sincerely wish that the band has a long lifespan.

16. Thanks again for your time and this interview. Do you have a message for the blog, "fans", friends, bands?

Besides the greetings, wavings and all that stuff i'd just like to say "hail the all-or-nothing-kids". ;)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Boats Against The Current

Thinking about this band makes me want to whack my head against the wall until either cracks first. Not because the band is hideous or anything (quite the contrary), but simply because of the fact that only today did I realize that Jake from the band ever contacted me in the first place...a month ago. So yeah, apparently I suck hard with managing my e-mail inbox, I hate it so much when I don't reply to a band submission. Anyways, moving on from my shame....

"Boats Against The Current" are nothing other than a duo from Orlando, USA playing some sweet mathy, jazzy, screamo! One might conclude that a sentence ended with an exclamation mark would stand for amazement and excitement, which is absolutely correct. For some reason I am extremely attracted to bands which have something unorthodox, be it a weird number of members or some crazy instrument amongst themselves. Obviously, what surprised me here is the "duo" thing. There was one such similar band before, "The Sea Swallowed Us Whole", which I love so damn much, basically I can't describe it with words. It is well enough to say that I instantly fell in love with it, because it had a special something that attracted me. Either way, like with the mentioned band, the same happened to me with "Boats Against The Current". You would think that a duo consisting of drums and a guitar would be way to simple when it comes to making sound, but it is quite the opposite. Of course, you can sense a difference due to the lack of a bass or second guitar, yet the great thing is that you don't feel that as being a flaw. When you are on the task of creating music with only two elements then it seems that the very passion and creativity that drives you becomes a member of the band. This may sound stupid, but trust me when I say that this band has more passion floating around their tunes than a lot other bands full of members. The melodies that "Boats Against The Current" create are constantly changing, as well as the general mood the songs invoke in you. This fluctuation of emotions is quite masterfully achieved and it ranges from quite sad tones to mellow, joyful and somehow hopeful.
On the technical side, the combination of a guitar and drums really lets you just sit back and enjoy. Most of the times when I write a review or just analyze some band's music, I really have to make an effort to pick just one instrument and focus on it which some times just can't even happen. Here of course, it is extremely easy and it is great when you can just relax, let the music wash over you and be able to touch and hear every bit of it.
While I am on the technical side of things, it is worth pointing out that there are three "releases" on their bandcamp page and they are all different when compared to each other. While the "Ta ta tera" thingy was probably a funny pastime, the "unfinished tracks" and the demo are definitely a bright star of this band. "Unfinished tracks" hail from August 2010 and this is an all instrumental release, obviously not finished to the point of adding vocals. And this is quite amazing. Imagine "The Sea Swallowed Us Whole", "Lion of the North" and "Me and Goliath" having a dance and you get "Boats Against The Current". These tracks were the focus of this writeup and as I wrote above, this is probably the most passionate, heartfelt music I heard in a while. However, despite the fact that this was the focus of my writing it doesn't mean that the demo is bad. The only problem with the demo is that it was recorded live, most likely from a gig the band did (unintentional rhyme) judging by the sound. The recording is way to crunchy and chaotic to be enjoyable as much as the other tracks, but it is definitely worth checking out because of the vocals. Yes, the vocals are present here and damn I like them! I could only imagine the vocal being added to the unfinished tracks, makes me get goosebumps! There are two more exclamation marks, so go figure.
All in all, this was an extremely great surprise. I am very pleased with this band and would love to hear their final release, since these tunes just blew me away. Honestly, I really hope that these guys are still playing music together, it would be a real shame that this project dies when it has so much potential. "Boats Against The Current" are definitely worth your time, so I urge all of you to give them a try.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Small blog updates

I was ultimately bored for the past two days, so I changed some bits and pieces on the blog. Might as well update you about it in a post.
First the important stuff. I updated the Theme of Laura tour post, since some stuff changed and got confirmed, so check it out. Also I forgot to write in the initial post that they have a tour buddy, the band Oak, so that was also added.
While we are at the touring info, I added an "active tour news" section above the shoutbox. I really want to help out bands with touring via the blog, so I suppose it is handy that all that stuff always appears on the front page. I've also added a "label" for such posts, so it's further simplified.
Speaking of labels, the list was such a mess it really irritated me. So I used the good, old trick and just added a "*" in front of every genre, so the list looks a lot more decent.
As far as some plans go, I'll be writing about one cool band in a day or two, if I manage to climb out of this pit of boredom. The thing I'm really expecting is an interview for which I already sent the questions to the band, very excited about that. And there is one interview I'm waiting confirmation for, so expect to read a lot of stuff.
Hm, while we are at it, if anyone has a suggestion about a band they want me to interview, feel free to send some suggestions!
That is it, thanks for the attention, stay tuned!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Drainland - "And So Our Troubles Began" 12'' (2010) and "Swine" demo (2009)

This band has been circling around on blogs for a while now and I have had it on my computer for more than a month. I remember that when Jamie from "Drainland" sent me an email I just went to check their tunes on myspace and was completely blown away. But instead of just randomly posting them on the blog, I really wanted to take an honest listen to their music and write down something appropriate. Don't know how much this month of hibernation helped, since I'm stunned by "Drainland" each time they hit the speakers. We will see...

"Drainland" is a quintet from Dublin, Ireland and for a start lets just say that they play hardcore. After I took a listen on their myspace, first thing flying into my player was "Swine" and once it started rolling over to my ears I thought that I played some other band. Song number one, "Ark", kicks off fast, aggressive and pounding, very different from what you get to hear on their web page. Somewhere at the middle of the track you get a feeling that this isn't actually your average hardcore band. Tempo drops dramatically, everything becomes slower and almost tormenting, with an extremely raw and primal sound, sometimes reminding me of "In the Final Analysis". By the time "Cathode Rites" hits the speakers you realize that you are dealing with a combination of hardcore and sludge, with their sound constantly bouncing between the two. One second there is this sluggish, distortion filled section and then you just get smacked in the face by a fast and heavy hardcore blast, go so close to sounding like crust. Though variations are present, I have a feeling like this demo has been influenced by hardcore a bit more. For example, the song "Crash" is the longest song and despite the 3/4 of the song being slow and really sludge oriented, you get a sense that the short, violent outbursts cast a shadow on the rest of the song. There is not much balance between the clash of the genres, so you basically get poked into the eye by only one of them.
Moving onto "And So Our Troubles Began"...these troubles could very well be replaced by "changes", since this release opens up a completely new chapter in the life of this band. Once I finished listening to "Swine" and then played this 12'', I really became aware of some drastic differences and important aspects of their tunes, which you can't quite tell if you listen to just one release. I'll elaborate that later...
Anyway, "Jellyfish" starts this one with an amazing "Elodea"-like guitar playing, a trancing, eerie melody, which explodes seconds later, the whole band just kicking you down into the earth. The thing you instantly realize is the magnificent quality of recording, which is just ultimately clean. Yes, I know that sludge should be raw and filthy, but this pure sound serves this band well. Once you shit your pants during the course of this song, you also sense that something is different when compared to the demo, but it's not quite yet apparent. Once the third track named "Limb Template" hit the road, I got a grasp of what "Drainland" did with their sound. In contrast to the demo, they took the two previously mentioned genres and mixed them up so much that it became hard to decipher which is which. On "And So Our Troubles Began" you don't have a feeling that one genre beats the other, since here it is all melded so well. This release is extremely aggressive, noisy and maddening, but at the same time it is epic, dark and just plainly put huge. The sound became massive and with enough volume you get completely swallowed by it. Everything going on here is very fluid and it just flows right past you, not giving you enough time to analyze anything. There are variations in sound, one second slow, one second brutally fast, but it is so well composed that you don't notice the border between the two.
In the end, I abnormally loved this band. I was very happy that I first took a listen to the demo, since it very well shows the evolution of the band and their sound. And, probably more important, it gives you a deeper connection and understanding of the 12'' release. As it was mentioned in the beginning of this writeup, most of you probably know about this project due to it being already present on the web, but those of you who don't I honestly urge you to give this band a try. Some of you lucky bastards will hear them on "Cry Me A River" festival, so better prepare yourself! I really predict a fantastic future for this band and hope that they continue to flourish as they did so far.
You can write to "Drainland" on their myspace page here, follow them on tumblr here or buy their stuff here.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The United Sons of Toil & Joe 4 - European summer tour 2011

Russel from "The United Sons of Toil" contacted me about help with their tour this summer. His band hails from the USA and they plan to hit the road with "Joe 4", their friends from Croatia. Both bands brings us loud sounds of noisy (political) rock/hardcore and after hearing some of their tunes, I am pretty sure that I would like to witness their music live! You can check out their tunes on the following links:

As for the actual list of dates, take a look at their plan:

June 15    Wednesday    Zagreb    Tvornica Mala
June 16    Thursday    Rijeka    Place
June 17    Friday    Ljubljana    Menza Pri Koritu
June 18    Saturday    Verzuolo IT    Oxygen Studios
June 19    Sunday    Nice    Tapas La Movida
June 20    Monday    Paris    Le Café de Paris
June 21    Tuesday    Amsterdam    ADM Bar
June 22    Wednesday    Leiden    Sub071
June 23    Thursday    Hamburg    Hafenklang
June 24    Friday    Neu Tramm    Raum 2
June 25    Saturday    Berlin    Hausprojekt Scherer 8
June 26    Sunday    Ansbach    13Eins
June 27    Monday    Prague    Club 007 Strahov
June 28    Tuesday    Leipzig    Zoro
June 29    Wednesday    Vienna    Replugged
June 30    Thursday    Sarajevo    FIS Kultura
July 01    Friday    Donji Miholjac    Katakomba
July 02    Saturday    Belgrade    Bigz
July 03    Sunday    Novi Sad    Route 66

Keep in mind however that Russel wrote to me about two weeks ago, so some more dates are probably already confirmed! Nevertheless, if any of you are interested in helping them out with a show, contact them via the above links or get in touch with Russel via the following e-mail address:
rusty AT unitedsonsoftoil DOT com
Or just leave me a comment or message here and I will forward to the bands.